One of the most popular websites on the Internet is Wikipedia, which is a free, user-edited online encyclopedia. This storehouse of information continues to grow in popularity and accuracy. If you’re like I am you’re constantly checking it for quick facts about almost any subject under the sun, even while studying the Bible.

The developers of the software recognizing Wikipedia’s widespread influence among Logos users, therefore, decided to bring the information from the site, right into Logos itself.

As a utility, Wikipedia can be opened directly from the Tools menu:

  • Choose Tools | Wikipedia
  • Type a subject in the reference box (A)
  • Press the Enter key to generate the retrieval
  • Notice Logos searches the Wikipedia site for your article and places it within its own Logos panel (B)


As a shortcut, open Wikipedia from the Context menu within any resource or Guide:

  • Right click on a word within a resource (A) or a hyperlink in a Guide (B)
  • Select “your text” Selection (C)
  • Select Wikipedia (D)
  • Notice the Wikipedia article is generated automatically within its own panel



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