Use Quick Collections to Limit the Range of Searching

A Logos user recently emailed this question to me:

Do you have any blogs on how to find quotes of Church Fathers? For example, if I know of a quote in a certain writing of Augustine, is there a way to find that particular writing? The Eerdmans set is a huge set.

I’m not sure if there’s a blog about that or not, but there is now☺

There are actually several ways to accomplish what he wants including smaller Collections within the Church Fathers Collection and Inline Searching, but I acquainted him with Quick Collections. This is an excellent trick if you want to make a temporary grouping of resources you’re not going to search frequently.

Try this:

  • Click the Search icon in the upper left of the program to open the Search panel
  • Select Basic as the search type (A)


  • Click the resources to search drop down list (B)
  • Type a rule in the Find box such as: series:Fathers AND author:Augustine (This specific rule locates all the resources included a series with Fathers in the name and at the same time written by Augustine) (C)
  • Select from the drop down list the grouping of resources matching the rule (D)


  • Type a search query in the Find box (E)
  • Press the Enter key to generate the results
  • Notice the results are only from the resources in this Quick Collection (F)


Please keep in mind this feature is called Quick Collections because the groupings of books are temporary and created on the fly. To create permanent collections make sure to go to Tools | Collections.

For more detailed information about rules, collections, and searching check out the Logos 6 Training Manual Volumes 1 & 2 Bundle or attend upcoming Camp Logos in Baltimore, MD or Phoenix, AZ.

One thought on “Use Quick Collections to Limit the Range of Searching

  1. Thanks for pointing this out! It helped me to realize a parallel concept for Bible search: I don’t have to click “Save” when entering a reference-range, so single-use search ranges that I’ve yet to delete no longer clutter my reference-range list.

    On the flip side, I wonder if Logos might add a “Save” button for Quick Collections, as a convenience, to turn them into permanent ones, perhaps like the “Save as Collection” feature in the library.

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