Theology Guide in Logos 8

As I’ve talked to Christians throughout the years, I’ve often heard statements like: Theology is just for pastors. I’d like to study different doctrines in the Bible, but I don’t know where to start. Understanding doctrine is difficult.

If you’ve ever expressed such sentiments, I’ve got great news for you. In Logos 8 we have a brand new research assistant called the Theology Guide. This Guide, based on the resource, Lexham Survey of Theology, assembles various pieces of information in one place so we gain a good survey of major doctrines in Scripture.

Let’s take it out for a spin:

  • Choose Guides | Theology Guide (A)

  • Type a subject like Resurrection in the Theological topic box (B)
  • Select Jesus’ Resurrection in the drop down list (C)

  • Use the various sections in the Guide to explore this theological subject (D)

Please notice close to the top of the report a link to the Lexham Survey of Theology. (E)

I encourage you to use this link to open and become familiar with this resource. (F) In fact, this is a book you may want to read from beginning to end. As its name implies, this book provides us with a great overview of major doctrines in the Bible. Also, you’ll discover that the Theology Guide summarizes and links us to chapters in the book. The resource and the Guide go hand in hand as they offer a great introduction to a study of theology.

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