That’s Easy for You to Say

A short while ago I blogged about a couple of ways to hear Bible names pronounced. Then recently while working with the leadership at Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN, my good friend Dr. Michael Easley reminded me of the resource That’s Easy for You to Say which also helps with pronunciation.

So here’s an efficient way to incorporate this resource (available in base packages Starter and above) into your study:

  • Click the Library icon in the upper left of the program
  • Click Prioritize in the upper right of the Library (A)
  • Type this is the Library’s Find box: title:names (B)
  • Drag That’s Easy for You to Say (C) to the prioritized list of resources on the right so that it’s the first English or Bible dictionary in the list (D)

  • Close the Library
  • Open a resource (Bible or book) to a location with a Bible name
  • Double click the Bible name (the double click is a shortcut to a Lookup search which means, “Logos open the first dictionary you can find to an article for my word” which of course is That’s Easy for You to Say since we made it the first prioritized English dictionary!) (E)
  • Notice That’s Easy for You to Say opens to an article about the name (F)
  • Click the speaker icon to hear the name pronounced (requires an internet connection) (G)

For even more detail instructions on using Logos features, please check out the Logos 7 Bible Software Training Manual Bundle available in both print and digital formats.

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One thought on “That’s Easy for You to Say

  1. Thank you. This is a great resource that I had not used and have already used it twice since prioritizing it. Will come in very useful in the future.

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