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The Logos team has tagged the words of Scripture referring to people, places, and things. This referent dataset then allows us to locate every mention of a specific person, place, or thing regardless of the words used to reference them. For example we can locate all the places in the Bible Timothy is mentioned whether he’s referred to by name, with a pronoun, or though a term like disciple or man.

We have thousands of other words in books, though, which reference people, places, and things. These words, however, are not tagged. The best we can do is search for entities by name like Paul, Corinth, or shield. That is until now!

Through the power of a new Logos 6 feature called Community Tags we Logos users can tag the words in resources according to the people, places, and things they reference.

For example:

  • Open the resource Alone with God to page 56 (A)
  • Select (highlight) the phrase his name in the first paragraph (B)


  • Right click on the selection (C)
  • Select his name from the Context menu (D)
  • Select Add community tag (E)


  • Type David in the Add community tag box that appears (F)
  • Select the person David from the drop down list (G)


  • Notice underneath his name Logos places a dotted gray line representing a Community Tag (H)
  • Rest the cursor on the line to see a rich preview of David (I)


Logos will also synchronize this tag to the accounts of other Logos users so they’ll benefit from your tagging.

So what is a benefit of Community Tags? The ability to search them!

Try this:

  • Right click on the tagged text his name (J)
  • Select David Person from the Context menu (K)
  • Select Search community tags (L)


Notice in the Search results, all the resources with Community Tags referencing David including Alone with God! (M) We’re now locating people, places, and things in our books, not just our Bibles!


You can learn more about Community Tags in the What’s New in Logos 6 Training Manual.

Also, be sure to register for an upcoming Camp Logos Live Training Seminar including the January events in Tampa and Houston.

One thought on “Tag Your Own Resources

  1. Excellent article! Thanks for the awesome how-to’s you provide. I’m a little curious on this one though. I went through all the steps. In the last part where you are searching the community tags I see the results I expect to see from Alone with God BUT I also see a total of 54 instances of the same results. Is that expected?

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