Study Notable People from Church History with the Factbook

I hope during your use of Logos Bible Software you’ve discovered the incredible ease and power of the Factbook! This tool is part Bible dictionary, search engine, timeline, and more, all rolled into one. With it you can study:

  • Biblical People
  • Biblical Places
  • Biblical Things
  • Biblical Events
  • Preaching Themes
  • Cultural Concepts
  • Books of the Bible
  • And more.

Did you know with the Factbook you can also gather information about notable people from church history? That’s right. Enter the name of historical figures like Martin Luther or contemporary people like John Piper and almost instantly Logos assembles relevant information for you use.

See how easy it is for yourself:

  • Choose Tools | Factbook
  • Type Charles Wesley in the reference box (A)
  • Select his name from the drop-down list or press the Enter key to build the report
  • Notice some of the info in the report (B)
    • Date of his life hyperlinked to the Timeline
    • Brief description
    • Media with images from your library
    • Quotes containing a notable quote from him
    • Dictionaries linking to relevant articles in your library
    • Journals displaying articles written about him
    • Sermons listing messages preached by him
    • Community Tags, created by fellow Logos users, linking to info about him
    • Bookstore showing suggested resources related to him
    • See Also providing miscellaneous links to additional data

Wow! Very impressive. So the Factbook not only provides biblical information, but also data from church history!

If you’re ever having a slow day and need something to do try typing one of these names in the box:

  • Bob Pritchett
  • Morris Proctor

We may need to rethink the word “notable” in the phrase notable people from church history.  🙂  For more information about the Factbook, check out the Logos 7 Training Manuals Volumes 1-3 or attend the live upcoming Camp Logos in Washington, DC or Little Rock, AR.




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