Study a Topic with the Bible Sense Lexicon

As the celebration of our Lord’s birth approaches, let’s imagine we want to execute a topical study on angels, who appeared frequently during the early pages of the Gospels. A significant part of this topical study can originate with a NEW Logos 6 Senses ring found in Bible Word Study. (Please note, not all Logos base packages contain this feature)

Let’s walk through a practical example of using this helpful feature:

  • Open a Bible such as the ESV to Luke 2:8 which begins the pericope of an angel visiting the shepherds (A)
  • Right click on the word angel in verse 9 (B)
  • Select the lemma ἄγγελος angelos (C)
  • Select Bible Word Study (D)


  • Navigate to the Senses section which houses the Senses ring (E)
  • Notice the lemma in the center of the ring and the two senses or meanings of this word, angel and messenger, as assigned in the Bible Sense Lexicon dataset (F)
  • Observe the listing of the same two meanings underneath the ring (G)
  • Here’s how to read the different sets of numbers:
    • The numbers to the immediate right of a meaning represent the number of times that meaning occurs in relationship to the total number of occurrences of the lemma (H)
      • For example, ἄγγελος angelos occurs 175 times in the ESV New Testament and 164 times it has the sense of angel
  • The numbers to the far right of a meaning represent the number of times that lemma occurs with that meaning in relationship to the total number of occurrences of that meaning all throughout Scripture (I)


  • For example, ἄγγελος angelos with the sense messenger, occurs 7 times in the Bible, but the meaning messenger occurs 92 times in Scripture which means in the other 85 occurrences other Hebrew and/or Greek lemmas have the meaning messenger
  • Click the arrow to the left of a meaning like messenger to reveal: (J)
    • An expanded explanation of the sense (K)
    • The verses where the lemma ἄγγελος angelos has the meaning messenger (L)
    • Other lemmas tagged with the same sense messenger (M)
  • Click a lemma in the expanded section to generate a Bible Word Study report for that specific Hebrew or Greek word (N)


By generating and studying Bible Word Study reports for the various Hebrew and Greek lemmas translated angel, you’ll be well on your way to a biblical understanding of the subject angels!

Of course, you can perform the same type of study for any topic you like such as worship, joy, grace…. The Bible Sense Lexicon dataset pulls together a lot of biblical information in a short amount of time and space.

For more detailed instruction on Logos Bible Software: please check out:

2 thoughts on “Study a Topic with the Bible Sense Lexicon

  1. I’m watching tutorials by Morris Proctor. He was describing the Bible Sense Lexicon Data Set. I see the above description of how it can be used. Although I suspect to be way over my budget, I’m interested in checking on the price. Perhaps, it’s something I can save up for.

    I spend the next 5-10 minutes looking for the price. I find all sorts of descriptions but no price. I thought I could type in the address of the Logos bookstore or Library (but I can’t find find the address of either) and do a search on the title to get this info. But all I hit were blank walls. Where do I go to get the price of a Logos product?

    1. I can answer your question more fully once i know what version of software you are currently using. The Bible Sense Lexicon is a feature that automatically included in Logos software since Logos 5. It is found in the tools menu under the reference section. Please send me an email at [email protected] and we will figure out your problem directly. 🙂

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