Sometimes Find is All You Need

As you well know Logos has a very powerful search engine that allows us to find most anything we need in our books and Bibles. Sometimes, however, we just don’t need all that power.

For example, let’s say we’re reading in 1 Timothy. We know somewhere in the book Paul gives part of his testimony and refers to himself as a blasphemer. We, however, don’t know the specific verse containing the word. In a case like this, Find will be easier and faster than Search to locate what we need:

  • Open a Bible to the 1 Timothy 1:1 (A)
  • Open Find by pressing the keyboard shortcut:
    • PC: Ctrl + F
    • Mac: Cmd + F
  • Notice the Find box appears in the upper right of the Bible’s panel (B)
  • Begin typing the word blasphemer (C)
  • Notice after a few letters Logos takes you to 1 Timothy 1:13 which is the first occurrence of those letters and the word we need! (D)
  • Use the Previous and Next arrows in the Find box to move though the Bible to locate more instances (E)

I think you can tell the primary purpose of Find is to focus our attention when we know we’re in the general vicinity of the information we need. Don’t forget about this almost hidden feature and remember: sometimes simple is better.

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