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According to Luke 2:22, a few weeks after Jesus’ birth, Joseph and Mary presented Him at the temple according to the Law of Moses. While there, Simeon uttered some very profound words regarding Jesus. Then Luke 2:33 states: And His Father and mother were amazed at the things which were being said about Him (NASB).

This statement puzzles me because both Joseph and Mary received angel visitations regarding the birth of Jesus. Both were aware of His miraculous birth. Both received prophetic words about His calling and ministry. Yet here, they’re amazed at Simeon’s words.

When I come to unexpected words or phrases in the Bible version I’m reading, I always like comparing them with other translations just to see if different phrasing can shed light on what’s happening. Our software provides a helpful feature called Text Comparison located on the Tools menu which compares other Bibles to a “base text” so we can easily see differences among the Bibles.

While the “full version” of Text Comparison is extremely helpful, I usually prefer a quick popup preview of the comparison made available by a simple shortcut. I’ve blogged about this keystroke before, but I’ve discovered many Logos users don’t know it exists so here it is again by way of reminder.

  • Open any Bible to a passage such as Luke 2:33 (A)
  • Press the F7 key (depending on your keyboard you may also need to hold down the Fn key as you press F7)
  • Notice a pop preview of Text Comparison appears on the screen (B)
  • Please keep in mind these observations as you work with the preview:
    • The preview spans the full width of the screen.
    • The initial Bibles being used are the ones you prioritize in the Library.
    • The first Bible listed is the base text.
    • The subsequent Bibles are the compared Bibles.
    • The gray and blue text in a compared Bible column represents the differences between the base and the compared Bible (If the gray and blue text is not present, open Text Comparison and adjust the settings).
    • The gray text is coming from the base text.
    • The blue text is coming from the compared Bible.
    • The normal black text is where the 2 Bibles agree.
  • Using the example in the image for Luke 2:33 the:
    • ESV says marveled (C)
    • NASB says amazed (D)
    • LEB says astonished (E)


Text Comparison, especially with the F7 shortcut, is a great tool to use during the observation phase of Bible study. By seeing the differences we have a better idea regarding which words to focus on during interpretation such as the Greek lemma translated marveled, amazed, and astonished in different Bibles!

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