Shortcut to Creating a Collection

Logos 6.3 recently released so please make sure to download it if you haven’t already. Among its new features is a redesigned Library Resource Information pane which includes a link to save selected resources as a collection. This shortcut link makes quick work of creating specialty collections which is illustrated below with a Favorite Bibles collection.

  • Open the Library
  • Click the View icon (A)
  • Select your desired view from the drop down list (B)
  • Click the Resource Information (“i”) icon to open the pane on the right (C)
  • Type this rule in the Library’s Find box to primarily display English Bibles:
    type:Bible AND language:English (D)
  • Select your desired Bibles by holding down the Ctrl key on a PC or Cmd key on a Mac as you select each Bible (don’t click the title of the Bible which opens it) (E)
  • Click Save as Collection in the newly designed Resource Information pane (F)


  • Notice the Collections panel opens with your selected resources already in the Plus these resources section (G)
  • Name the collection something like Favorite Bibles (H)


  • Click the Search icon
  • Select Bible as the search type (I)
  • Click the resources to search drop down list (J)
  • Notice the Favorite Bibles collection in the list ready to be searched! (K)



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10 thoughts on “Shortcut to Creating a Collection

  1. I follow all the directions, click “Save as Collection” and nothing happens. Running Logos 6.3, Windows 8.1. I did just do the free core upgrade. Do I need to buy a version of Logos 6 for this to work?

    1. When you click Save as Collection it should open up the Collections pane, where you can rename the collection you have just created. If the Collections pane doesn’t open on its own, have you tried to manually open it and look for that collection?

      1. The Collections Pane does not open. Nothing happens. I click “Save as Collection” and no other screens come up. I went to the Pane manually and there is no collection defined. (I have never made a collection before and would very much like to for the future.)

  2. I am experiencing the same thing as Tim. Followed the instructions and nothing happens when I click on “Save as Collection.” Tried looking for the Favorite Bibles collection manually, but nothing. Running Logos 6.3 on OS 10.10.3

  3. If you are currently running Logos 6.3 this function should work for you. I’d recommend calling Logos Customer Support and request more information regarding why you do not have this feature at 800-875-6467. Thank you!

    1. I am running 6.3, SR-1 on Windows 8.1. I am able to manually open the Collections pane from the Tools menu and define a collection there, but the procedure you outline with this hint still does not work. Click on “Save as Collection” and nothing happens.

      I will try Logos support when I have some free time.

      Thank you!

  4. I too was not able to “Save as Collection” UNTIL I opened the Library in a SEPARATE window: Make sure you FIRST hit “Control” and “L” together to bring up the Library in a separate window. Then I followed the directions and everything worked just fine.

    But again it doesn’t seem to work if you start on the main window. You must open the Library in a separate window for this all to work correctly.

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