Camp Logos Inductive Recorded Webinar


In case you missed the live-stream of Camp Logos Inductive, you can still take the class by purchasing your ticket to view the recorded webinar as much as you like through October 22, 2018!

During this training Morris teaches you not only the basics of inductive Bible study, but also how to customize Logos for actual passage study or exegesis!

No prior training is necessary, but as a companion to this training we strongly suggest you watch the QuickStart videos available from your Logos Home Page.

To help guide you through the webinar, Morris also encourages you to purchase a corresponding Camp Inductive Syllabus which can be found here at

After purchasing this ticket, you will be PROMPTED TO DOWNLOAD A FILE which will include the link and password to view these videos, as well as, the Camp handouts.

By purchasing a ticket to view the Camp Logos Inductive Webinar, you also qualify for a special 10% discount on your purchase of Logos collections, upgrades, and resources!

*This offer and the videos will expire October 22, 2018.

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