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If you’re like I am, while reading a print book, you like marking up important points. Likewise, for years we’ve been able to highlight text in our Logos resources. Now in Logos 6 we can go one step further. We can actually extract, view and read just those highlights we’ve made in a book!

Here’s how:

  • Open a resource such as Alone with God
  • Choose Tools | Highlighting
  • Expand a palette such as Highlighter Pens (A)
  • Select some text in the resource (B)
  • Click a style such as Green Highlighter (C)


  • Continue highlighting text as you desire
  • Open another resource such as Moral Foundations of Life
  • Highlight text in this resource as well (D)


By default, when we use styles in the Highlighter Pens palette, Logos creates a Notes document called Highlighter Pens.

  • Open the Notes document by choosing the Documents menu
  • Click the Highlighter Pens file to open it
  • Select Quotes as the view in which to display the notes (E)
  • Notice the names of the resources in which text was highlighted (F)
  • Click the arrow to the left of a resource to reveal all of the text that was highlighted in that specific resource!! (G)


As you can see, by utilizing Highlighting and the Quotes view you can in essence produce a personal summary, comprised of what you deem important, of any resource in your Library!!

You can learn more about Logos 6 features in the What’s New in Logos 6 Training Manual and the What’s New in Logos 6 Video Training now available on pre-pub.

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2 thoughts on “See and Read Only Highlighted Text

  1. This is great! However, I have a lot of highlights over different resources, so my list is so long I have spend quite some time scrolling through in order to find the resource I’m looking for. Is there any way to show only the quotes from a specific resource instead of all of them?

    1. Are your highlights saving in a Notes file? I saved some highlights from different resources in a Notes file and found that you can change the view in the upper right of the panel with the options “Full”, “Compact”, “Split”, or “Quotes”. Each of those display the highlights in a different way. I found that the Quotes view lists them in groups according to which resource they came from.

      Another option would be when creating a Highlighting Notes file. You can chose to save highlights in a “Resource-Specific Note file”. This way your highlights will automatically save in different files depending on which resource they came from.

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