See All Factbook Subjects in a Passage

One of our best friends in Logos is the Factbook. With it we can research people, places, things, events, and a lot more. Perhaps as we’re studying a passage we open the Factbook alongside of our Bible and type subjects from the passage into the Factbook.

For example, imaging we’re examining the conversion of Lydia in Acts 16:11-15. We may individually type in the Factbook subjects like:

  • Philippi
  • Lydia
  • Purple

There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but perhaps we get tired of typing subjects. If so, try this trick the next time you use the Factbook:

  • Open your preferred Bible to a passage like Acts 16:11-15 (A)
  • Open the Factbook from the Tools menu (B)
  • Type in the Factbook box the passage you’re studying like Acts 16:11-15 (C)
  • Notice in the drop down list all of the people, places, things, events, etc. contained in Acts 16:11-15 (D)
  • Select an item in the list to build a report for that subject (E)

For another time saving trick:

  • Copy the passage you’re studying to the clipboard
  • Paste the passage in the Factbook box after studying each subject to regenerate the drop down list so you can select another topic to investigate!

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