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Knowing the geographical context in which a biblical event took place can certainly aid our interpretation. For example:

  • What’s the significance of the phrase he had to pass through Samaria in John 4:6?
  • Does the location of Laodicea impact Jesus’ description of the church as lukewarm in Revelation 3:16?

To assist us in discovering the geographical context of a biblical passage, Logos 6 offers a brand new Atlas tool with scores of new maps. These new maps are tagged according to both biblical references and topics (Biblical People, Places, Things, and Events).
The multiple tags on a map are why links to maps appear all throughout the software such as in the Passage Guide (A), Topic Guide (B), and Factbook (C).




You can also, however, manually search the Atlas yourself, for just the right map. Try this:

  • Choose Tools | Atlas
  • Make sure the left sidebar is visible by clicking the Map List icon (D)
  • Remove any text that is in the search box in the sidebar (E)


  • Type a query in the search box such as a biblical: (F)
    • reference like John 4
    • person like Jesus
    • place like Jerusalem
    • thing like temple
    • event like feeds 5000
  • Select the desired item from the drop down list (G)


  • Notice maps corresponding to the query appear in the list (H)
  • Select a map to load it in the display area (I)


You can now use all the features of the Atlas tool to work with your desired map!

For more detailed information about working with the Atlas as well as all of the new Logos 6 features please check out these new Logos 6 training products:

Also, for live, hands-on training please attend an upcoming Camp Logos:

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