Save Time with Gestures

Tucked away inside of Logos Bible Software are all sorts of shortcuts and power user tricks, not the least of which are gestures. A gesture is a mouse movement while the right button is pressed resulting in an action on the screen.

For example, you can toggle on/off a resource’s table of contents, start/stop read aloud mode, navigate through resources, and more without ever clicking a menu or icon.

Just follow and practice the instructions below and you’ll be saving valuable time very soon!

To toggle on/off gestures type the following text in the Command box and then press the Enter key: (A)


  • Set use gestures to yes
  • Set use gestures to no

To execute a gesture:

  • Hold down the right mouse button
  • Move the mouse in the direction(s) indicated in the table below:


To learn more and do more with your software, please check out the Training Manual Bundle.

4 thoughts on “Save Time with Gestures

  1. Thanks for the very helpful tip on gestures! I am wondering if there is a hot key or some way to take a quick clipping of selected text, to the last accessed open clippings document. Something quicker than right clicking and selecting it from the menu. In my use that would be an extremely handy feature.

  2. Can gestures be used on a MacBook Pro? I’m using a Logos 5. This seems like a great tip, but I can’t seem to adapt it to my set up.

  3. Hi Morris. I can enable it, but the system has to be set in English language first. For my Spanish-speaking peers, is there a command in Spanish to enable this? Otherwise, they would have to change the system’s language to English, enable it with the command and then revert it to Spanish.
    Thanks for a great time-saving tip! Hope to hear from you soon.

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