Save Space with Shortcuts Folders

As you’ve probably heard by now, Logos 9 is here!! This latest release is full of new features and enhancements including the already popular Shortcut folders. In this blog I’ll introduce you to this space-saving feature.

If you’re like most Logos users you have numerous icons on your personal Shortcuts bar to the right of the Tools menu. Imagine you have 3 icons on the bar to open 3 different Bibles. You can now group these icons in a Shortcuts folder:

  • Right click on a Shortcut icon (A)
  • Type in the Folder box a desired name such as Bibles and press the Enter key (B)
  • Notice a new Bibles drop down folder appears on the  Shortcuts bar (C)
  • Right click on additional icons (D) and type the exact same name in the Folder box such as Bibles (E)
  • Click the folder drop down list, Bibles (F)
  • Notice the names and icons of your Bibles (G)
  • Click a Bible to open it

If you have a lot of icons on your personal toolbar, create a personal system for organizing common features into these helpful folders!

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