NEW Courses: Camp Logos Mobile, Camp Logos 2
And More On the Way!

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New Content Roadmap


November (COMPLETED)

New Course: Camp Logos for the Logos Mobile App
New Site Features: Auto-Play & Auto-Advance Videos

December (COMPLETED)

New Course: Camp Logos 2 (For Logos 9): Live Streaming Seminar
New Site Features: New Content Available Email Notifications


New Course: Logos Mobile Practical How-To Course
New Site Features: Learning Tracks & Guided Learning


New Course: Camp Logos 2 Available in Training Library
New Course: Logos Mobile Ongoing A to Z Course Begins
New Site Features: Better Tagging of Videos Based on Applicable Logos Versions

Later in 2022

Practical lesson / sermon prep courses, weekly challenges, continued videos as Logos updates and adds features, and much more.