Redesigned Context Menu

One of the most significant changes in the recently released 8.7 update, is a redesigned Context (right click) menu. If you use this menu, you’re going to thoroughly enjoy the improvements. If you’ve yet to discover the power of the right click menu, this is a great opportunity to give it a go.

In this blog I merely want to point out some of the major changes to the menu and then tell you where to view a more in-depth explanation of the tweaks.

So please check this out:

  • Open any Bible such as the NKJV (A)  
  • Navigate to any passage like 1 John 4:12 (B)
  • Right click on any word like abides (C)

Now take note of some of these big changes:

  • The orientation is now left to right. In other words, make a selection like Reference 1 John 4:12 on the left (D) and the options for that selection will appear on the right. (E) 
  • The item you selected on the left is now clearly labeled at the top of the right hand side. (F)
  • Numerous sections like Take a Note (G) and Look up (H) are collapsible. Click the arrow to the right and the section will collapse/expand. (I) Also Logos “remembers” how you left it and will reopen the menu that way next time.
  • The Highlight section displays recently used styles. (J)
  • The Take a Note section displays recently used Notebooks. (K)
  • The Search options are basically the same as in previous versions, but they’re now displayed in a more graphical, compact format. (L)

As I mentioned, these are just some of the changes made to the 8.7 Context menu. For a more thorough discussion of the menu’s enhancements as well as a detailed explanation of the new Text Selection menu please check out our FREE webinar, New Logos 8.7 Menus!

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