Record Verses from a Book

If you’re like I am, as you’re reading a meaty book such as a theology or hermeneutics resource, you’re paying close attention to the biblical passages the author includes in each chapter. Often as we reread the verses, we’re reviewing the content of each chapter.

Toward that end, in today’s blog I’ll show you an easy way to record verses from a resource for future review:

  • Open any Logos resource you’re reading such as Basic Bible Interpretation that I’ll use as an example (A)

  • Choose Documents | Passage List
  • Name the Passage List the same name as the book (B)

  • Select (highlight) text in the book containing biblical references (C)

  • Click the Add link on the Passage List (D)
  • Choose …selected text from the drop down list (E)

  • Notice all of the highlighted verses in the book are now added to the Passage List (F)

  • Right click on the first passage in the Passage List (G)
  • Select Insert heading from the menu (H)

  • Type the name of the chapter from which the verses were taken such as 1 The What and Why of Bible Interpretation (I)

  • Repeat the above steps for additional chapters in the resource as you continue reading through the book (J)

You can easily see, with some initiative on our part we can end up with a nice and neat listing of biblical passages from a book!

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2 thoughts on “Record Verses from a Book

  1. If I highlight a chapter at a time (or the whole book) and drag it over to the passage list will it capture all the passages in the chapter or book?

    I love Passage Lists and clippings for Quickly prepare for Bible Classes

  2. Thank you very much for this trick, it is really useful!!! My congratulations to the software developers, they think of everything!!!

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