Quickly See One Passage in Many Bibles

A Logos user recently asked this question:

Is there’s a way to see one passage from multiple Bibles at the same time?

Actually there are several ways to accomplish this task, but I’ll focus on Power Lookup in this blog:

  • Open a Bible to the passage you’re studying such as Deuteronomy 32.8-9 (A)
  • Select (highlight) the entire verse range of the passage you’re studying (B)
  • Right click on the selected text (C)
  • Select from the right side of the context menu the Bible reference (D)
  • Select from the left side of the context menu Power Lookup (E)
  • Notice Power Lookup opens displaying the passage from multiple Bibles (F)

PLEASE NOTE THIS VERY IMPORTANT EXPLANATION: Power Lookup is going to your preferred list of resources in the Library and displaying the versified resources (containing your passage) in the order you prioritized them. This means if you’ve prioritized commentaries in the midst of your Bibles, they’ll be displayed as well. If you intend to use this feature, I suggest prioritizing your Bibles at the top of the list in the order you want Power Lookup to display them.

One practical benefit of this trick is you have instant access to multiple Bibles for the reading phase of the inductive Bible study process.

For more detailed instruction about Power Lookup, please check out the Logos A-Z: Video Reference Guide at mpseminarsonline.com .

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