Quickly Open a Lexicon from an English Bible

I jokingly tell participants at Camp Logos that Logos Bible Software will do everything, but wash your dishes! It really is that powerful. From building a Passage Guide report to searching the Library for a concept to in depth original language work, Logos is here to help.

What if, however, you don’t need all that power every day? For example, I have a friend who simply wants to look up Hebrew and Greek words in his favorite dictionaries. Well, if you’re like my friend today’s tip is for you.

A new, small feature in Logos 7 provides instant access to your favorite Hebrew and Greek lexicons right from an English Bible!

Try this:

  • Open a Bible with the reverse interlinear option such as the ESV (A)
  • Navigate to any verse such as 2 Timothy 4:1 (B)


  • Type Lexham Wordbook in the Command box and press the Enter key to open the Lexham Theological Wordbook (C)


  • Choose, one at a time, the panel menu on each panel (D)
  • Select Link set A for each resource (E)


  • Click a word in the biblical text like charge (F)
  • Notice the Wordbook jumps to an article for the Greek lemma translated charge (G)


  • Click a different word in the biblical text like kingdom (H)
  • Notice again the Wordbook looks up the underlying lemma (I)


Looking up words in dictionaries has never been easier! Of course you would incorporate your favorite Hebrew and Greek dictionaries in this exercise. Also, don’t forget to save this as a Layout if you plan to utilize this setup a lot.

For complete explanations of this and all new Logos 7 features please check out our What’s New in Logos 7 Training Manual, in print and/or digital, or order our complete Logos 7 Training Volume Set.

In addition, for a fast and fun way to unleash the power of Logos, consider attending an upcoming Camp Logos training seminar in Raleigh, NC or Murfreesboro, TN.

2 thoughts on “Quickly Open a Lexicon from an English Bible

  1. Thank you very much for this tip!!! It’s one thing I needed, and you have teached me an easy way to get it. I send you a huge kiss from Spain!!!

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