Quickly Open a Calendar Devotional

With the dawn of a new year usually comes renewed resolve the read the Bible more. Along with the Bible, most Christians enjoy reading a daily calendar devotional like My Utmost for His Highest. If you fall into that category then perhaps you already know there are numerous ways in Logos to access devotionals, but in this blog I’ll share with you my favorite and possibly fastest way to open one right to today’s reading!

Try this:

  • Type part of the title of your favorite devotional in the Go box such as My Utmost (A)
  • Drag from the drop down list the title of the resource (B) to the Shortcuts bar (C)
  • Click the new icon on the Shortcuts bar (D) to see the devotional open right to today’s reading (E)

That’s it! Super simple. Would you like to open another devotional?

  • Click the Parallel resource sets icon on the devotional’s toolbar (F)
  • Click the title of a resource in the list (G)
  • Notice the new devotional replaces the one that’s already open (H)

That’s an easy breezy way to quickly access the calendar devotionals in your Library!

For more detailed instruction about Logos 8 features please check out mpseminars.com.

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