Quickly Find the Right Media for your Message

The old adage says a picture is worth a thousand words. Toward that end most churches project images and videos to complement biblical teaching. Recognizing the widespread use of media in churches, Faithlife incorporated new features in Logos 7 to assist in not only developing messages, but also delivering them! This goal is especially true in the new and improved Media tool combining Media Browser and Visual Copy from Logos 6.

Let’s take a look at a specific example to see this tool in action.

Imagine you’re studying in Acts 18 where Paul incurs the wrath of Demetrius the silversmith who makes a living from silver shrines of the goddess Artemis. So you’d like to project an image of Artemis to help your listeners visualize what’s taking place in the passage.

Here’s how easy it is to find that image:

  • Choose Tools | Media
  • Select Ephesus from the Biblical Places section in the sidebar (A)


  • Select Artemis from the Biblical People section in the sidebar (B)


  • Select Photo from the Tags section in the sidebar (C)


  • Notice the selected facets at the top of the results area (D) and the photographs related to Artemis in the viewing area (E)


  • Click a photograph in the viewing area (F) to open it on the Visual Copy side of Media (G)
  • Utilize the sidebar to prepare it for presentation (H)
  • Save (I) or export the image (J)


As you can see with just a few point and clicks you have professional prepared slides perfect for your audience!  And this is just a very brief sample of the power of Media. With this tool you can also quickly:

  • Create slides with biblical verses
  • Prepare slides with quotes from popular authors
  • Share images via social media
  • And much more!!

For complete explanations of this and all Logos 7 features please order our complete Logos 7 Training Volume Set.

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