Quickly Discover Old Testament Messianic Prophecies

Matthew, in passages such as 1:22, 2:5, and 2:17, declares the specifics regarding the birth of Jesus were fulfillments of prophecy. As I read through these verses again this Christmas season, I thought, what other Old Testament prophecies did Jesus fulfill?

Several Logos features and elaborate searches will help answer the question, but I decided to share with you a very quick and easy way to discover some messianic prophecies fulfilled by Jesus.

  • Click the Home icon in the upper left of the program to open the Home Page (A)
  • Type prophecy in the Passage / Topic box in the ribbon of the Home Page (B)
  • Select Prophecies Respecting Christ from the drop down list of topics (C)


  • Notice Logos opens what I call the Default Home Page Topic Study screen consisting of three tiles:
    • Topic Guide (D)
    • Preferred Bible (E)
    • Topical resources (F)


The primary reason I wanted you to use the Home Page is so you could quickly get to the resources in the lower right tile. Depending on your Library and how you’ve prioritized books, you probably opened at least one of these three resources:

  • Dictionary of Bible Themes (G)
  • Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary (H)
  • New Topical Textbook (I)


You’ll see that each provides a straightforward list of Old Testament prophecies fulfilled by our Savior!

For additional ways you can utilize the Home Page as well as other Logos features please check out the Logos 6 Training Manual Volumes 1 & 2 Bundle.

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