Quickly Discover an Author’s View of a Topic or Passage

If you’re like I am, as you’re studying a topic or passage you’re interested in what a specific author thinks about it. What are A.W. Tozer’s insights about worship? What does John Wesley or Charles Spurgeon say about John 3:16?

To zero in on a specific author you want to create author search collections which are incredibly easy to do with these simple steps:

  • Choose Tools | Collections
  • Name the collection the same name as your author such as Charles Ryrie Books (A)
  • Type this text in the Rule box: author:”First name Last name” such as author:”Charles Ryrie” (B)
  • Click New to create another author collection and always include this in the Rule box: (C)


  • Filter name author
  • Followed by a colon with no spaces on either side of the colon
  • With the author’s first and last names included within double quotation marks
  • Such as author:”Robert Morgan”

To select the author collection to be search:

  • Click the Search icon
  • Select Basic as the search type (D)
  • Click the resources to search drop down list (E)
  • Select your desired author’s collection of resources (F)


  • Execute your word, phrase, reference, etc. search as normal (G)
  • Notice the search results are all from the specific author’s resources (H)


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