If you’ve watched one of Morris’ webinars or attended Camp Logos you noticed he annotates the screen with highlights, zooms, spotlights and more. All of these features are coming from a product called ClickTricks.

ClickTricks is a Windows only product and is available for immediate download so you can start using the features now!

ClickTricks brings your presentations to life with over 75 powerful special effects, annotation and presentation tools. These tools can be assigned to any keystroke, mouse click, mouse gesture or screen hotspot. Tools can also be assigned to PowerPoint events, or be scheduled to start at a specified time. Many of the tools are fully configurable to provide hundreds of different effects and combinations.

There are tools to…

  • Enhance presentations with dozens of sensational effects tools, including Zoom, Spotlight, Ticker Tape, Clocks, Countdown Timers etc.
  • Annotate on PowerPoint slides and have your annotations remain on the slide.
  • Access your favorite applications, documents or www pages.
  • Capture screen images.
  • Control your multimedia hardware, such as CD players, speaker volume control etc.
  • Play movies and sound files, display images with transition effects etc.
  • Annotate directly on the screen with pens and highlighters.
  • Stamp text directly on the screen.
  • Type using just a mouse and our on-screen keyboard.
  • Control you computer with tools to simulate keystrokes and mouse clicks.
  • Simulate a mouse wheel facility with any one, two or three button mouse. Scrolling has never been easier.

Here are some of Morris’ favorite features:

  • Spotlight any part of the screen.
  • Underline any part of the screen with any color and size highlighter.
  • Zoom in on any portion of the screen so your audience sees what you’re emphasizing.
  • Display teaching slides without interrupting the lecture.

PLEASE NOTE: ClickTricks is for Windows only. It is NOT Mac compatible.