Print or Export Filtered Bible Text

The recent Logos 8.7 update contained a lot of exciting new features. I certainly hope you’re discovering and enjoying them.

Today’s blog focuses on one that’s almost hidden, but nonetheless can assist us as we’re working with specific Bible verses. Succinctly stated, we can now print or export filtered Bible text. I know that’s a mouthful, so rather than explaining it let’s just see it in action with an example:

  • Choose Tools | Reference | Factbook
  • Type Melchizedek in the Factbook search box (A)
  • Select  Melchizedek blesses Abram  from the drop down list to generate a report (B)
  • Expand the Passages section which contains verses about this event (C)
  • Click the link Open 3 passages in “Preferred Bible” (D)
  • Notice your preferred Bible opens displaying only the 3 passages about the event (this is an example of filtered Bible text) (E)
  • Choose the panel menu on the Bible (F)
  • Select Print/Export (G)
  • Notice in the left sidebar the option Use filtered text which of course refers to only the 3 passages currently displayed in the Bible (H)

You can now use the various print and export features to easily work with the filtered text. This same option will also appear if you’re filtering the text with a Passage List Visual Filter or an Inline Search!

So if you frequently print or export verses this may be a huge addition to your tool belt!

The 8.7 update contained numerous changes especially a new selection menu and a redesigned context menu. You can go here to view a FREE webinar regarding these menus.

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