Passage Links in Guides

Looking up biblical cross references in print books is tedious and time consuming – turning page after page after page. With Logos, cross reference work has always been a breeze. Click a link, a the preferred Bible looks up the verse.

Well, in Logos 6 cross reference work just got “breezier!”

Scattered throughout various Guides are individual sections with biblical cross references such as:

  • Passage Guide | Cross References
  • Sermon Starter Guide | Passages
  • Topic Guide | Related Verses (A)



Now at the bottom of such sections you’ll see two links:

  • Save as Passage List which places all of the cross references in a new Passage List document (B)
  • Open passages in “Preferred Bible” (C) which places these verses in a “temporary filter” in your Preferred Bible’s panel (much like an Inline Search) (D)
  • Click the Remove filter link in the Bible to return it to a normal view  (E)


For complete instructions on all of the new Logos 6 features check out our What’s New for Logos 6 Training Manual or our in-depth Camp Logos in AZ or TN.

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