Organize Your Files in Favorites Folders

Recently we’ve received several inquiries at MP Seminars asking about the possibility of organizing Documents and Saved Layouts into folders. Currently we can’t create a folder system on the menus, but we can in Favorites!

I’ve written about this before, but for the sake of ease, let’s take a fresh look at Favorites folders.

To begin with, let’s say you want organize your Sermon documents into folders based on sermon series:

  • Choose Tools | Library | Favorites
  • Click New Folder on the Favorites panel (A)
  • Name the folder Sermons (B)
  • Click New Folder again (C)
  • Name the folder according to the name of the sermon series such as Series 1 (D)
  • Drag the Series 1 folder and drop it on top of the Sermons folder to create a sub-group (E)
  • Repeat these steps for additional series
  • Choose the Documents menu
  • Drag a Sermon document (F) and drop it on top of a Series folder (G)
  • Notice a hyperlink in the folder back to the document (H)
  • Repeat this process for as many Sermons as you like

Now when you want to open a Sermon file, go to Favorites, not the Documents menu.

Of course you can duplicate this process for others files such as Passage Lists, Notebooks, Saved Layouts, etc.

With this same concept in mind, imagine this scenario:

You’re currently involved in a study project on Mercy and you want all of your work in one location.

Simply create a Favorites folder for your project and place all of your files in that one folder. The structure would look something like:

As you can see, with the Favorites system and a little imagination you can easily organize all of your work for easy access!

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