Open Logos on One Computer the Way It Closed on Another

Perhaps like a lot of Logos users, you use your software on multiple computers such as a desktop and laptop. Did you know you can open Logos on one, the way you closed it on another?

Let’s take a look at a common scenario:

Imagine you primarily study with your desktop in your home or office. You do enjoy, however, firing up Logos on your laptop while you’re in the coffee shop. You’re now in the midst of “laptop research” when it’s time to return home. No worries. With a simple setting, you can open Logos on the desktop to the exact spot you were on the laptop!

On the desktop:

  • Choose the Help menu (3 dots) in the upper right of the program (A)
  • Select Program Settings (B)
  • Click the At Startup Open to drop down list (C)
  • Select Most recent layout-any (D)

The next time you start Logos on the desktop, it will open to the same place you closed Logos on the laptop!

Please note this important point: on the laptop do NOT click the Close all panels icon before closing the program. Simply close Logos Bible Software on the laptop with the panels you want to open on the desktop.

Obviously you can select the same setting on the laptop to have Logos open the way you closed it on the desktop.

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