New Logos 9 Reading Plan

Our Logos libraries contain a lot of “normal” books (monographs) that we want to read chapter by chapter. In previous versions of Logos, creating reading plans that divided up the sessions into chapters was somewhat challenging. In Logos 9, however, chapter by chapter reading plans are a breeze.

Give this a go:

  • Open the Library
  • Navigate to a monograph (“normal” book) you’d like to systematically read such as The Pilgrim’s Progress
  • Right click on the resource (A)
  • Select Start reading plan (B)
  • Notice a Reading Plan opens with the sessions primarily consisting of a chapter each (C)
  • Click Start in the Reading Plan panel to create the plan and place the start/stop markers in the resource (D)
  • Use the markers in the resource to move through the plan (E)

Please note these observations:

  • You can open/edit the plan from the Docs menu.
  • This new Logos 9 Reading Plan is for monographs only. To create a plan for a Bible, continue to use the previous method of Docs | New | Reading Plan.

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