New Dashboard Card for Upcoming Sermon(s)

If you’re using the Sermon Builder to create your sermons/lessons (which I hope you are), then you’ll really appreciate this new Logos 9.1 feature: a Home Page Dashboard Sermon Card to quickly access your upcoming sermon(s).

Let’s quickly check out this 9.1 change:

  • Click the Home icon in the upper left of the program to open the Home Page (A)
  • Notice the new Sermon card with a link to your next sermon based on the occasion date in sermon information (B)
  • Click the sermon title to open it in Sermon Builder (C)
  • Click See next to cycle through your next few sermons again based on the occasion dates in sermon information (D)

If the Sermon card does NOT appear on the Dashboard:

  • Click the plus sign (+) in the upper right of the Dashboard (E)
  • Click Sermon (F)
  • Click Add in the lower right of the window that appears

If you have not yet created a Sermon document:

  • Notice the Sermon card links you to Sermon Builder so you can create one (G)

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