Move a Note from One File to Another

If you’ve been to Camp Logos, you know I’m a big cheerleader for saving our research in Notes documents. I believe this is a convenient and secure way to archive our insights into Scripture. In light of that, I was thrilled to receive the following question from a fellow Logos user:

A few months ago I wrote a note in Matthew 4:1 and I put it in my document of notes called “My Meditations”. Now I’m making a special study of this biblical text and I have created a new document of notes called “Study of the Temptations”.  

So my question is: How can I change the place where I keep this note? I want to change the note from “My Meditations” to “Study of the Temptations”. 

Happily this is a very simple goal to achieve! Give this a go:

  • Open both the original (A) and new (B) Notes documents arranging them on the screen so both are visible
  • Make sure the Notes View is NOT set to Quotes in both documents (C)
  • Drag the note indicator from the original note file (D) and drop it in the new note file (E)

  • Notice the location of the note in now changed (F)

Please underscore that individual notes can only be moved one at a time. They can’t be grouped and moved together.

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