More Images in the Before and After Interactive

With all of the big new features in Logos 9 like Sermon Manager and the expanded Factbook, it’s easy to overlook some small, but important improvements. One such unheralded feature is the Before and After: Biblical Sites interactive which received numerous new images! This interactive appears in Bronze and above.

Let’s take a quick look at the change:

  • Choose Tools | Interactive Media | Before and After: Biblical Sites (A)
  • Notice all of the new images such as House of Peter (B) and Synagogue at Capernaum (C)

To work with an image:

  • Click a thumbnail on the Overview page like Capernaum Overview (D)
  • Use the Fade slider in the upper right to adjust the opacity on the image (E)
  • Move the slider on the image to transform a modern day photograph into an artist’s rendering of perhaps how the original site appeared (F)

This interactive can certainly help our sanctified imagination as we study various biblical texts!

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