Look Up on the New Context Menu

Thinking Look Up had been removed from the redesigned 8.7 Context menu, a fellow Logos user emailed me asking, What’s up with Look up?

Actually Look Up is still on the right click menu and it’s better than ever!

Let me show you:

  • Open an interlinear Bible like NASB  (A) to a passage such as Ruth 2:1 (B)
  • Right click on a word like Naomi (C)
  • Click Selection Naomi from the left side of the Context menu (D)
  • Click the arrow to the right of Look up (on the right side of the Context menu) (E) to display up to 5 resources containing an article about Naomi (F)
  • Rest the cursor on a resource abbreviation (G) to see a preview of the article (H)
  • Click the resource abbreviation to jump to the article

Pretty cool, eh? You can control the resources being displayed through your prioritized resources in the Library.

Now try this:

  • Right click on wealth in Ruth 1:1 (I)
  • Select the Hebrew lemma (the word with the ring icon) on the left side of the Context menu (J)
  • Notice in the Look up section on the right, abbreviations to Hebrew dictionaries (K)

Just in case you didn’t know, Look up is a “shortcut search” which means look up my word in a dictionary. I think you can see, that shortcut got ever better with the new 8.7 right click menu!

The 8.7 update contained numerous changes especially a new selection menu and a redesigned context menu. You can go here to view a FREE webinar regarding these menus.

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