Look Up an Original Word from an English Bible

With all the power of Logos, sometimes we may forget Logos also does the simple things, as evidenced with a recent question from a Logos user:

I know Logos does many things, but I just want to look up the Hebrew or Greek word, behind an English word in my Bible, in my favorite dictionary just like I did with print books. What’s the simplest way to accomplish this task?

There are several ways to achieve his goal, but he wanted simple so here’s what I told him:

  • Open an English Bible containing the interlinear option such as ESV, NASB, NKJV, etc.
  • Right click on a word in a passage (A)
  • Select from the right side of the context menu the lemma (B)
  • Select from the left side of the context menu Look up (C)


  • Notice your highest prioritized Hebrew/Greek dictionary containing an entry for that word opens to the article for the word (D)


  • Click the Parallel resources icon on the resource’s toolbar to access other Hebrew/Greek dictionaries for your word (E)


Rather than clicking the Parallel resources icon, once the first dictionary opens, just press the right arrow on the keyboard to jump to the next resource containing an entry for your word!

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