View All of Your Highlights from One Resource

A common question I receive from Logos users goes something like this:

As I read a Logos book I highlight text. After finishing the book, how can I view all of my highlights in one place?

The short answer is to utilize the Quotes view in a Notes document. The longer answer is explained below.

At the outset, please keep in mind that every time you highlight text in a Logos resource, that marked up text becomes an individual note in a Notes document. I refer to these as Highlighting Notes. Which note file, however, receives the highlights? For clarity’s sake, I encourage you to place all of your highlights in resource-specific note files and here’s how to set that up:

  • Choose Tools | Highlighting
  • Rest the cursor on the name of a palette such as Highlighter Pens (A)
  • Click the arrow that appears to the right of the palette name (B)
  • Select the Save in drop down list (C)
  • Select Resource-specific note file (D)


  • Repeat these steps for all of the palettes

Now every time you highlight text in a resource, Logos creates a Notes document with the same name as the resource. All of the highlights made in a particular book will be added to the same file!

Go ahead and open a resource and highlight as much text as you desire. (E)


To see all of the highlights from that one resource:

  • Choose the Documents menu (F)
  • Open the desired note file which has the same name as the resource in which you highlighted text (G)


  • Select the Quotes view in which to display the notes (H)
  • Notice all of the highlights in this resource are presented in one easy to read format (I)


As you can see, by saving your Highlighting Notes in resource-specific note files, you can easily arrange and access all of your highlights on the Documents menu!

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One thought on “View All of Your Highlights from One Resource

  1. Great tip; wish I’d known that years ago! Any way to move highlights from pallet-specific note file (e.g., highlighter pens) to resource-specific note files? I’m guessing not in any quick way.

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