Find Verses in which a Biblical Person Spoke

I’ve recently been studying the life of Hagar in Genesis 16. In verses 7-8 the angel of the Lord found her and asked her two questions:

  • Where have you come from?
  • Where are you going?

These are two very profound questions regarding our direction in life, but we’ll save that discussion for another day.

In this blog I simply want to focus on the fact that Logos identifies the angel of the Lord as the Speaker of the questions (megaphone icon). I was curious as to where else in Scripture the angel of the Lord spoke so here’s what I did and am encouraging you to do:

  • Open a Bible like the ESV, NKJV to Genesis 16:7. (A)
  • Find the megaphone icon in verse 8 identifying the angel of the Lord as the Speaker (B)


  • If the icons are not present:
    • Click the Visual Filters icon on the Bible’s toolbar (C)
    • Select Speaker Labels (D)


  • Right click on any word in the questions from the angel of the Lord (E)
  • Select Angel of the Lord SPEAKER (F)
  • Select Search this resource (G)


  • Notice in the search results all the verses in which the angel of the Lord is identified as the Speaker (H)


This simple search makes for rewarding research. Try it with:

  • Isaiah in Matthew 1:23
  • Sadducees in Matthew 22:24
  • Gabriel in Luke 1:28

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