Logos 7 is Here!

Logos 7 is here! And it is bigger and better than ever! Faithlife leadership has asked me to write several blogs about my favorite Logos 7 features so be on the lookout at blog.logos.com for a lot of instruction about Logos 7.

For now I’ll mention a new section that’s been added to the Passage Guide, Systematic Theologies. Within our library we have systematic theology books which synthesize what the whole of Scripture says about a subject. Logos has tagged these resources according to both the denominational bent of the author as well as the doctrinal context in which a passage occurs. Here’s how those tags play out for us:

  • Choose Guides | Passage Guide
  • Type Colossians 2:14 in the reference box (A)
  • Press the Enter key to build the report
  • Expand the Systematic Theologies section (B)


  • Click:
    • Subject to primarily arrange the results according to doctrinal context (C)
    • Resource to primarily arrange the results according to denominational bent (D)


  • Look at the image below along with these explanations to understand the search results
    • Resource has been selected to display the results according to denominational bent (E)
    • The author of the resource, Concise Theology, writes from an Anglican perspective (F)
    • As the author discusses Christology, he uses Colossians 2:14 as a reference (G)
  • Click a search result to open the resource to that location (H)


As you can probably tell, rather than having such a long list of biblical reference as such results, the results have been labeled so they’re much more user-friendly!

Use the above instructions to also work with the sections Biblical Theologies and Confessional Documents!

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