Logos 6 is here! Inline Searching

Logos 6 is here! That’s right, a new version of Logos just released and it’s loaded with new features and enhancements. Please don’t panic though. What you know about Logos 5 continues with you to Logos 6, but you’ll be impressed with the new functionality of Logos 6. For example, you can now execute searches within a resource panel without having to open a separate Search panel.Try this new Logos 6 Inline Search:

  • Open any resource such as The Lexham English Bible (LEB)
  • Navigate to a passage like Luke 15:10 (A)
  • Click the Inline Search icon on the Bible’s toolbar (B)
  • Notice the search criteria information opens at the top of the panel
  • Change the search fields and range from drop down lists if you desire (C)
  • Type this text in the Find box: “angels of God” (D)
  • Press the Enter key to generate the search results
  • Notice the only verses now visible in the LEB are the ones containing the phrase angels of God (E)


  • Right click on any word in the Bible (F) and you’ll discover this text is “active” meaning it’s fully functional with all links and the Context menu available (G)
  • Click the Close X or the Inline Search icon again to hide the search information and return to a “normal” view of the Bible (H)


This Inline Search works in any resource and supports searching for words, phrases, multiple terms, etc. just like you would use in the Search panel.

You can even access the Inline Search from the right click or Context menu!

For complete instructions on all of the new Logos 6 features check out our What’s New for Logos 6 Training Manual.