10% Off Logos collections, upgrades and resources.

By signing up for a monthly subscription, you qualify for a special 10% discount on your purchase of Logos collections, upgrades, and resources.

How to Redeem

  1. Sign up for MP Seminars Online (if you’re already signed up, don’t worry, we will send you an invitation automatically by the end of July or you can contact us)
  2. Within 7-10 days, you’ll receive an invitation to join our private, members-only Faithlife group to activate your discount
  3. Log in to Faithlife with your Logos ID email and accept the invitation
  4. Shop at Logos.com and use code MPSeminarsOnline10 at checkout (this won’t work until you’ve joined our Faithlife group)

Get Your Subscription Today

Please keep in mind the following guidelines for this discount:

  • You’ll receive an invitation to join our members-only Faithlife group after you have registered for an MP Seminars Online subscription
  • Our team will invite you to join within 7-10 days of your subscription
  • If you haven’t received your invitation within 10 days, OR if your mpseminarsonline.com email address is different from your Logos ID email, contact us so we can send you an invitation to your Logos ID email
  • There is no expiration date, but the discount code is single use
  • It is only valid with your Logos ID email (which may be different from the email you use to register on this site)
  • It is only valid for one shopping cart checkout (so load your cart with your upgrade and resources before placing the order)
  • It does NOT include subscriptions, so please do NOT place any subscriptions in your cart or the code will not work
  • The discount is in addition to the normal dynamic pricing Faithlife applies to your purchase