Locate the Women in the Bible

I recently received this question from a Logos user:

I am trying to find Paul’s co-laborers who are women. Is there a way to search just for the women in Paul’s letters?

Excellent question! Happily the answer is yes with the Concordance tool found in Logos Now.

If you’re not familiar with Logos Now please check it out because, in my humble opinion, the Concordance feature by itself makes Logos Now a worthy investment.

Among many other things, the Concordance tool builds master lists of people in Scripture and then we’re able to filter the lists according to numerous characteristics including gender!

Try this in Logos Now:

  • Choose Tools | Concordance (A)


  • Select from the resource to search drop down list a Bible with the interlinear option such as the NASB, NKJV, LEB, or ESV (B)
  • Be patient because the initial creation of the Concordance list in an interlinear Bible is going to take a couple of minutes (C)


  • Select, after the results display, from the reference drop down list, Biblical Entity which includes the people, places, and things in the Bible (D)


  • Select from the verse range drop down list Pauline Epistles to limit the search to Paul’s letters (E)
  • Select, from the Kind section in the Sidebar, Woman (F)


You’re now seeing a list of all the women mentioned in Paul’s letters regardless of how they’re referenced: by name, she, her, their, etc.!! (G)


Pretty cool, eh?

For more information about Logos Features check out the Training Manual Bundle.

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