Locate Positive and Negative Commands in the Old Testament

A Logos user submitted this question to me:

I was reading in a commentary in which the author stated there were over 600 commands in the Old Testament, some negative and some positive. Is there a way in Logos to locate those commands and if so can they be divided between positive and negative?

Actually there are a couple of ways to achieve what he wants, but in this blog we’ll focus on the Interactive, Commandments of the Law which does all of the heavy lifting for us!

  • Choose Tools |Interactive Media | Commandments of the Law
  • Notice the left sidebar containing various sections of facets (search tags) (A)
  • Click Negative or Positive in the State section (B)
  • Notice on the right in the main body of the panel all of the Negative or Positive commands in the Old Testament (C)
  • Use the filters in the sidebar to further refine the search (D)

This Interactive is located in the Starter Feature Set and above.

You can also execute searches for commands using the Bible Browser located on the Tools menu!

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