Locate Original Words Behind English Words

In a recent blog, guest blogger Dr. Andy Naselli, during his discussion of conscience, stated the Greek word for conscience appears 30 times in the New Testament. How can we locate those 30 occurrences and execute the examination of them as Dr. Naselli instructed? If we know one of the instances we can easily perform a lemma search straight from the Bible using the Context (right click) menu.

Let’s say, however, we don’t know any place in the New Testament where the word conscience occurs, but we want to study this concept.

Try this:

  • Choose Guides | Bible Word Study
  • Type the English word conscience in the Word box (A)
  • Press the Enter key to generate the report
  • Expand the Greek Words section which reveals a Translation ring showing all the Greek words translated conscience in the New Testament (Please note, in this example I’m using the ESV. Your ring may be slightly different depending on the Bible you’re using.) (B)
  • Click the English word conscience in the center of the ring, which places underneath the ring all the occurrences of this English word grouped according to the Greek word with the most common Greek for conscience at the top of the list (C)
  • Click the Greek lemma at the top of the list which opens a Bible Word Study report for this word (D)


  • Expand the Translation section in the Bible Word Study report for the Greek word (E)
  • Click the Greek lemma in the center of the ring, (F) which places underneath the ring all of the occurrences of this word regardless of how it’s translated in an English Bible (G)


Now with this list of 30 occurrences of the Greek word translated conscience, you can easily follow Dr. Naselli’s instructions in his blog!

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