Locate Family Trees with a Media Search

A Logos user contacted me with this question:

I’m somewhat new to Logos 8, but I remember in previous versions I could get family trees for people in the Bible. How do I find them now?

There are several ways to locate what he wants which is Biblical People Diagrams. This blog, however, will focus on just one method: Media Search.

Take this out for a spin:

  • Click the Search icon in the Go box to open the Search panel  (A)
  • Select Media as the Search type (B)
  • Make sure the two drop down lists are set to All Media (C) and All Resources (D)
  • Type a biblical person’s name in the box like Timothy (E)
  • Select that specific person (with the person icon) from the drop down list (F)
  • Notice <Person Timothy> is placed in the Search box (G)
  • Press the Enter key to generate the results (H)
  • Look in the Library (Downloaded) section (I) for thumbnails for “family trees” (J)
  • Rest the cursor on a thumbnail to see a popup description (K)
  • Click a thumbnail to open the resource Biblical People Diagrams (L)
  • Right click in the “white space” of the diagram panel (M) to access export features (N)

As you explore the Biblical People Diagrams resource you’ll discover it contains a lot more than “family trees”. You’ll see “trees” for:

  • Pericopes
  • Biblical Events
  • Dynasties
  • And more.

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