I’m Brand New (or almost) to Logos

If you’re new to Logos Bible Software (or feel very limited in your knowledge), we’d suggest you choose from two tracks based on the amount of time you have to invest. Please note, we purposely created an intensive and a 16 week plan to make it easier for you to make it your own. An hour a week will take you around 16 weeks (about 3 months), but an hour a day will take you more like 16 days.

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For two decades, Morris has taught two or three-day seminars in a live setting. If you’re able to set aside dedicated time in a similar manner, you can gain an incredible amount of efficiency quickly. Here’s what we’d recommend:

If you don’t have three days or so to set aside for intensive learning, we recommend using the following strategy because it rearranges the order of learning to get you off and running with guided study first. Your lessons will be more immediately practical, and as you gain proficiency in the guided tools, you’ll build an appetite for more self-study, which you’ll visit last. You don’t have to follow the exact time suggestions below, since they’re based on a plan for approximately three months of an hour per week of learning. If they don’t fit your schedule, ignore them but pay attention to the order. Or if you can do more and move quicker, that’s great too!

I Know My Way Around Logos

If you’ve taken Camp Logos or know your way around the software pretty well, we’ve created some learning tracks based on your role. Some may be review if you’ve taken Camp, so feel free to skip what you know or take the opportunity to review.