“Just Looking” with the Bible Browser

Like many Christians during this season, I’ve been rereading the Christmas story in Matthew and Luke. Of course, in Matthew we find the Magi visiting Jesus at some point after his birth. Famously they testified, we saw his star when it rose.

Without getting into the specifics of what the star may have been, I started thinking that star or stars are mentioned frequently in Scripture in various contexts. So, I just wanted to explore various instances of how stars are mentioned in the Bible. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular. In fact, I didn’t know what I was looking for other than stars.

So during this “just looking” moment, I turned to a Logos feature that I’m learning to appreciate and enjoy more and more, the Bible Browser.

Take this out for a spin and see if you like it:

  • Choose Tools | Bible Browser
  • Select your desired version from the Bible drop down list (A)
  • Type star in the Find box (B)
  • Select Star in the Things section (C)

  • Notice on the right all the verses containing the Biblical Thing Star (D)
  • Notice in the sidebar on the left all of the facets, filters, or tags associated with the “star verses” on the right (E)

  • Select a facet in the sidebar on the left such as Vision in the Literary Types section (F)

  • Notice on the right the verses containing both the Biblical Thing Star and the Literary Type Vision (G)
  • Click the Remove X next to Literary Types Vision on the right to remove that single facet so you can return to the sidebar with all facets pertaining to the Biblical Thing Star (H)

  • Continuing your exploration or “just looking” exercises with the facets in the sidebar to hopefully make some serendipitous discoveries related to stars

Again for emphasis, when you don’t know specifically what you’re looking for, utilize the Bible Browser which contains hundreds of Logos-provided facets just waiting to be clicked and to provide unique biblical data!

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