Intersection between Notes Filtering and Inline Searching

Imagine this scenario:

You highlight important points as you read through a Logos resource. Then after completing the book, you say to yourself, I need to find the highlighted text that discusses the glory of God.

With the recent release of Logos 8.8 we can now accomplish that feat right within the book, because Inline Searching now intersects with Notes filtering!

Please follow along as I walk you through this example.

For the sake of ease I have already highlighted text in the daily devotional My Utmost for His Highest and opened the resource in the following images.

So I’ll now:

  • Click the Sidebar icon to toggle it on (A)
  • Click the Notes icon in the Sidebar (B)
  • Select Sentence from the Context Selector (C)
  • Select the filter Highlights in the Sidebar (D)
  • Notice now only the highlighted text is visible on the right (E)
  • Click the Inline Search icon on the resource’s toolbar (F)
  • Type “glory of God” in the Search box (G)
  • Press the Enter key to display 1 result (H)

As you can easily see, only the highlighted text was being searched in the resource!

This new feature works in any Logos resource: Bible, commentary, theology book, you name it!

This feature was added in a recent Logos update.

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