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Years ago in a Christian education class in college my professor commented, If overhead projectors were available during the time of Christ, he would have used one. His point being, Jesus incorporated visuals in His teaching.

Think about just a few examples:

  • Consider the lilies of the field -Matthew 6:28
  • Show me a denarius. Whose likeness and inscription does it have? -Luke 20:24
  • I am the vine, you are the branches -John 15:5

A well placed image can communicate volumes. As the old adage goes, A picture is worth a 1000 words.

Today during our preaching and teaching sessions we employ visual media slides and projectors to enhance a message. Knowing the popularity of such visuals, Logos 6 offers a tool which makes fast work of creating slides based on text or images from our Logos resources or even just text we manually input!

This feature, Visual Copy, prepares slides suitable for use in Proclaim Church Presentation Software or PowerPoint or even as standalone graphics.

Try this:

  • Open any Bible to Joshua 1:8 (A)
  • Right click on any word within the verse (B)
  • Select from the context menu Joshua 1:8 (C)
  • Select Visual Copy (D)


  • Notice the Visual Copy tool opens with Joshua 1:8 already placed on a slide (E)
  • Select, if desired, a different template from the left sidebar (F)
  • Select an aspect ratio (G)
  • Select:
    • Copy to place the image on the clipboard which will then be ready to paste into a document (H)
    • Save as to save the slide as an image file (I)
    • Send to to export it to Proclaim or PowerPoint (J)
    • An icon to share it (K)


You’ll also discover Visual Copy appears on the context menu from within any resource. For example, right-click on some selected text in a resource and then select Visual Copy from the context menu to create a slide based on the text you just selected!

For more detailed information about working with Visual Copy as well as all of the new Logos 6 features please check out these new Logos 6 training products:

Also, for live, hands-on training, please attend an upcoming Camp Logos:


3 thoughts on “Instantly Create Professional Slides

  1. Joshua 1:8 works in the KJV. Every other verse I tried only came up as the esv. Is this a defect in the software?

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