Inn or Guest Room?

In last week’s blog I referenced the Faithlife video, How Accurate Is the Modern Nativity Scene?, in which the teacher said the word translated inn in Luke 2:7 also referenced the upper room where Jesus and the apostles celebrated the Passover.

How did he discover that information? In Logos there are certainly numerous ways to search for every occurrence of a Hebrew or Greek lemma (dictionary form of a word), but I’ll show a very simple method and one I use all the time.

  • Open an English Bible containing the interlinear feature such as the NASB to Luke 2:7 (A)
  • Right click on the word inn (B)
  • Select the Greek lemma (even though you may not read Hebrew or Greek look for the word with the ring icon which identifies the lemma) (C)
  • Select Search this resource (D)


  • Select Aligned in the search results area (E) to place the results in a center column (F)


The teacher in the video is absolutely correct. In Mark 14:14 and Luke 22:11 this same Greek lemma is translated guest room in the NASB!

By using the Factbook in last week’s blog and the Greek lemma search this week, we may be on our way to discovering new insights about the nativity scene.

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